Reality Bites. Maternity Leaves Do Come To An End 

I’ve only been in the corporate world for six years, so when I gave birth to my first two children, I never experienced having to file for Maternity Leave. This year was a first.   I was all excited to be able to take a break and spend 2 entire months at home with my […]

The Diary of A Breastfeeding Mama

  You’ve been in labor for several hours, hoping and praying for the little one to come out…and finally, after three pushes, you hear your baby’s first cry. You cry too. They hand over the baby, right on your chest, all slimy and gooey-looking, but it doesn’t matter. You still kiss him anyway.. He searches […]

The Reality of Motherhood: The Joy, Pain & In-betweens 

When you look at all these picture perfect mothers on the internet or on advertisements- you must think, “wow motherhood must be so peaceful, so relaxing….” Until you actually become a mom, you realize you were deceived! Haha.  Just kidding, there are moments of tranquility but then there is also a big chunk of crazy, […]

Preparing For Birth & After: What Books Don’t Usually Tell You

Whether you’re a first time mom or preparing for your nth child.. I just thought of sharing a few things that I’ve learned throughout the years.. And that’s from giving birth 12, 8 years ago and just recently, a month ago. Times have changed for sure! Now let’s begin… If you’re a working mom like […]

Party Time! When My Son Turned 8

We usually go on trips to celebrate my kids birthdays, after all, they’re only a month apart. But since we have a new baby in the family, this year, they both decided to celebrate with their closest friends at home. My son, Tyler absolutely loves this game called Growtopia and without hesitation, this was the […]

A Rockstar Party: When My Daughter Turned 12

I have a 12 year old! I can’t believe it myself. Time does fly. A few weeks before Noelle’s birthday, this little lady e-mailed (Yes, E-mailed!!!) a “Birthday Party Proposal” which included a theme, design pegs from decorations, to the cake, games, prizes, and down to the guest list. I was amazed. I mean she […]

Anti-Aging: Say Hello to Your Best Skin Yet!

  I’m always on the lookout for effective beauty & skin care products. I personally do not go just for what’s popular because we all have various skin types and we react differently to each. Sadly, the process in which we find the winning product is only by trial and error. One thing I want […]