3 Gadgets: All You Need for A Clean Home

Who does not love a clean home? If we all had it our way, we’d prefer coming home to a picture perfect and “instagramable” one. But, do we actually know if our home is as clean as it looks? With all the pollution and nasty viruses going around, it’s important for our homes to be […]

Perks of Being A SMART Subscriber

I’ve been a SMART Infinity subscriber for about 3 years now ..It was actually my husband that eventually persuaded me to do so after so many years! Among all his perks, like a new MACBOOK, the latest Iphone, VIP tickets and so much more.. How was I not convinced? I was jealous! So last year, these […]

The Diaper That Made It

Nowadays, there are just so many brands to choose from. . And it can get overwhelming especially if you are new to all of this. So, instead of buying every diaper brand in the market and testing them one by one, I’ve taken the liberty to do that all for you! So let’s think.. What […]

Amidst the Holicraze

How I’m finding time to sit down and write this is beyond me (hahaha) This week, this month has been crazy for me at work! Christmas time is the busiest for me as you may or may not know- shopping is what makes my job exist! So thank you to all my clients, friends and […]

Mink: My Passion Project

I’ve always enjoyed lighting candles at home… And even if they’ve always been pricey~ I never really thought of them as a waste. There’s just something so beautiful about a nicely scented and candle-lit home. It takes you to a level of absolute relaxation… and I love it! So last year, I thought- why not […]

My Christmas Giveaway

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (Can you hear me sing? Haha!) And that also means that it’s time for some gift giving! So I’ve teamed up with Payless, and we’ve come up with an easy and fun Instagram contest to give everyone a fair chance of winning! All you need to do […]

Tea Time & a Magazine Cover

I am honored and indeed very grateful to be gracing the cover of Lifestyle Asia’s November issue…and all the more, having the opportunity to celebrate this moment with my family and dearest friends just means so much.   When the Lifestyle Asia team called me regarding this party they intended to host for me..  I […]