NYFW: Givenchy #GRTNYC17

Just the thought of it all gives me goosebumps! This has got to be one of the best events I’ve ever attended in my life..And I have SSI to thank!

It was September 11, 2015, I got all excited as I dressed up for the big event. It was so grand, that being invited to it felt like I was  literally holding a golden ticket. It was so exclusive that they only emailed the location the night before.

Givenchy Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez

Notice all the paparazzi behind, and this long walkway to the venue…

Givenchy NYFW Mikaela Martinez

Mikaela Martinez blog

When I stepped in. literally, goosebumps as i heard this Jewish or probably muslim hypnotic sort of chant…I saw all the well-dressed folk, the lights, the stage, and just a breathtaking view.

Givenchy Mikaela Martinez blog

I looked up and saw this model just sitting there, drenched. Yup, the artistic side of Riccardo Tisci just got real! I kinda felt bad for the lady though, imagine how pruned her fingers must’ve been..and freezing!

Givenchy NYFW Mikaela Martinez

Everyone was given a seat number, so I looked for an usher to help me out..And when I got to my seat, I felt even more special! With hundreds of guests, or even thousands, they still managed to keep it personal.

Givenchy NYFW Mikaela Martinez Mikaela Lagdameo blog

Givenchy Mikaela Martinez

The runway circled the entire venue so everyone had a pretty awesome view.

Givenchy Mikaela Martinez

I was seated next to some people from Givenchy, Australia (I asked), and next to them were people from Luisa Viaroma (only realized after I saw their posts!) oh and yes, they were kind enough to take my photo.

mikaela lagdameo martinez

While waiting for the show to begin, I looked up, and about 5 inches away from me was JENNIFER HUDSON. I got so surprised I think I took this photo with my mouth open, she smiled coz someone called out her name. (Lovely! That was my first celebrity sighting)

Givenchy Jennifer Hudson NYFW Mikaela Martinez

And so the main event began..i felt like the happiest woman on earth..All giddy inside. Just something about the air, the music, the clothes, the people..I don’t know EVERYTHING..Just being there was surreal!





Another special moment as JOAN SMALLS walked the runway..Later on, Candice Swanepoel walked by with blood all over her legs- I really thought it was part of the look! Not realizing she fell prior (it came out all over the news) But Candice is Candice, she walked like it was nothing.

Givenchy NYFW Joan Smalls Mikaela Martinez

Kendall Jenner of course also made an appearance, I didn’t realize it was her ’till I went through my photos and videos.

Kendall Jenner NYFW Mikaela Martinez blog

Another “aaah”moment was when LIV TYLER and no less than her dad, STEVEN TYLER walked by! What the…i was just stunned. Look at how pretty she is!!!Liv Tyler Steven Tyler NYFW Givenchy Mikaela Martinez

And then Ciara had her moment….

Ciara Givenchy Mikaela Martinez blog

Okay out of all the photos, this one of Kim & Kanye isn’t mine…Coz i only saw them from a distance. I grabbed this shot from @fashiontomix on Instagram. But still, aaaaah!

Kim and Kanye West Givenchy NYFW Mikaela Martinez blog Kardashian

Oh and another one, that was Michael Kors walking out of the venue. I thought that was a photo worth taking. hehe


Heading out also was Jeremy Scott! Yay! And he said it was totally fine to take a photo- “Of course, honey!”, he said. Super cool guy!


After which was the big AFTER PARTY I did not want to miss. Just ’cause I was ‘fangirling’ and stalking celebrities. Can’t blame the Pinoy in me.

So I got this in the mail and RSVP’d!GIVENCHY NYFW


The after-party was another story. Brought out a valid I.D, checked for my name- it had to be on the list.

GIvenchy NYFW

It was a 3 storey car park, there were dj’s on every floor, food trucks, booze, ice cream, and dancers. Crazy!

GIvenchy NYFW Mikaela Martinez


So after I circled the entire venue, luckily I saw Courtney Love, Hamish Bowles, Doutzen Kroes, and Amanda Seyfried! I think I gasped out loud! Haha but man, she was gorgeous!

Even after I left, I could not stop thinking about all that had happened. And even as i write this, it’s like “Was I really there??” What an experience. Words can’t even describe.

What an awesome time to be at NEW YORK FASHION WEEK. So blessed!

Mikaela Lagdameo Mikaela Martinez blog Givenchy NYFW


Dress, Bag & Shoes: GIVENCHY (Shangri-La East Wing & Greenbelt 4)

Accessories: Atelier 818 Jewelry

Shades: Saint Laurent


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