What Matters Most

More than fashion, family is my everything.

Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez Family Photoshoot

And so here, I wanted to share a few intimate moments with the three that mean the world to me.

Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez Family Fun

My husband, Chucho and I have been married for 9 1/2 years! I can’t believe how time passed by so quickly.

We now have the most amazing kids, Noelle, who’s 11 and Tyler, 7. They have the cutest silly faces! 🙂

Noelle Martinez Mikaela kids

Tyler Martinez Mikaela Martinez kids

NoelleANdTyler Martinez Mikaela Martinez Kids

Despite their 4 year age gap, they are the best of friends! They surprisingly enjoy doing things together- reading, skating, drawing- and my favorite- jamming! Noelle plays the guitar, and Tyler, drums! You don’t understand just how proud I am! They are amazing! Yes you can probably tell, we are their biggest fans! Haha

NoelleAndTyler Martinez Kids

Many have asked how it is juggling the life of being a wife, mom, entrepreneur, employee, and being in front of the camera almost all at the same time… The honest answer is, time management.

Some days are really busier than others..I have obligations, and responsibilities at work, just as I have them at home. But making time for  them is always possible. (Tip: Use your phone calendar! Note down every reminder, even if it’s just to buy the kids vitamins or to deposit a check. It really makes one more efficient. Works for me!)

Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez Family Photos Peg

But beyond all the hustle and bustle, it’s always so awesome coming home to these faces!

Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez Family

My family makes everything worth it. After all, why do we strive to be successful? It really IS all for them, All for their future.

Sometimes we lose focus.. Let’s not forget what matters most.

Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez Family Portrait


Photography: Louie Arcilla (@louiearcilla) http://www.louiearcilla.com


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