Product Review: Perricone MD’s No Makeup Makeup

With so many makeup brands in the market…How do you choose???

Well to be honest, I used to get soooo overwhelmed with what to buy…or not buy.. Sometimes I’d go for items that are recommended by friends, or if it was featured on a magazine, or if it was mentioned by a celebrity..or even if the packaging was just pretty. . Countless reasons. So what to do?

After trying all these different products & makeup for years…I think I’ve learned to understand my own skin and what it needs.

So let’s start by distinguishing…Oily? Dry? Normal? Acidic? Then figure out if you’re allergic to any specific brands,..ex: getting swollen or itchy. (Sorry to say but it’s by trial and error!)


You may notice that I am NOT a fan of thick makeup…in fact, less is better. So when I heard that Perricone MD was launching a NO MAKEUP line…It really intrigued me! And not to mention, ALL their products are paraben free! Luckily. I had the honor of trying out the products today.. here’s what I think about it- the results, the effect.

1. NO FOUNDATION Foundation

Light on skin (feels like you have nothing on). Moisturizing. DEWY finish. (Personally a fan of the dewy/glowing effect- so A++ for me!) But if you’ve got oily skin…you may want to skip this product and choose the next one instead.

No Makeup Skincare Perricone MD MIkaela Lagdameo Martinez Blog


Overall MATTE Effect. Great for oily skin. Can be used as a concealer. Use it to kill shine on T-Zone.  Great base/effect for shadow, lips or cheeks. YES! ALL THEIR PRODUCTS CAN BE MIXED TOGETHER! How cool is that.

NO Makeup Perricone MD MIkaela Lagdameo Matinez

3. NO BLUSH Blush

Instant natural glow (adapts to skin tone). Can be used on the lips. Can be used as eye shadow. When mixed with foundation or serum- several unique shades are created. Literally, mix and match. All you need for touch ups.No-Blush Makeup Perricone MD Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez

4. NO BRONZER Bronzer

Aaah! Bronzers are my life! This one’s amazing- blends with any skin tone…saw it myself! Both on extremely fair skin, and on morena skin. It doesn’t give an orangey, fake kind of tan..the effect is a natural & golden brown. AND you can even mix in the blush to adjust tone.

No-Bronzer Makeup Perricone MD Mikaela Martinez

5. NO LIPSTICK Lipstick

Moisturizing effect. Only comes in one shade- but looks great as well on any tone. Can be mixed with serum, foundation and even blush to create different shades. Peach, browns, pinks…just no reds obviously. For everyday use, this is great.No-lipstick Makeup Perricone MD MIkaela Martinez

6. NO MASCARA Mascara

Ahhh this was magic! just about 2 applications it’s like i had falsies on! Did not irritate my eye, it didn’t feel clumpy or heavy. I didn’t even need to use a curlash first. Instantly thickens and lengthens lashes. Not waterproof, but didn’t smudge.

The ultimate test for me is removal- i hate having black messy eyes at the end of the day because of mascara-  surprisingly it was so easy to remove! A few wipes with cleansing oil- no trace!

No-Mascara Makeup Perricone MD Mikaela Martinez

This photo was taken after Alyanna & i tried on all the make up,! No Makeup MAKEUP! Perfect for everyday use.

Oh and the best part! Everything has SPF already- it’s makeup & skincare all in one. Great for sensitive skin as well. You can adjust everything for more coverage- it’s all up top you!




PERRICONE MD Is available at Rustan’s.


7 thoughts on “Product Review: Perricone MD’s No Makeup Makeup

  1. Hi, Ms. Mika! Can you do a blogpost about your everyday makeup? From foundation, concealer, blush, mascara, lipstick… With brands please so we can try. Everyone loves your simple natural makeup look. Oh, and what moisturizer or eye cream do you use? You don’t age at all. Thanks!

      1. what about on 1st trimester when organogenesis of the baby is on going, would it be safe also? Im on my 8th week. thanks!

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