Not Your Ordinary COACH

 Before you start to think “that’s so 90’s”, hold that thought.

COACH just caught my attention, like never before. See for yourself!

With the new Creative Director, Stuart Vevers on board- Coach has totally transformed and reinvented itself.. Even I was impressed.

SSI welcomes the first Coach store in the Philippines after a decade- with a new modern luxury concept! (Goodbye monogram prints!)

 Coach Rustan's Shangri-la (04)

My favorite line obviously, the SWAGGER! I just had to get my hands on one of them. (Heehee!)

They come in both a large and micro size, and in several different color combinations. And the best part, they still remain to be quite affordable despite the craftsmanship. They are all handmade!

Coach Manila

See, even a pup looks good in it! Likey?

Campaign Visuals (9)

I do!

At the store launch is Metro’s EIC & a great friend too, Sarah Meier. We had quite some fun!


Come and visit COACH at the G/F Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza Mall.  Exciting things for the brand and I just can’t wait!

Top: Patty Ang

Jeans: Nobody Denim

Sandals: Hermes



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