Pregancy Diaries: At 12 Weeks

mikaela lagdameo martinez blog

My dear little one,

Today marks your 12th week in my growing tummy.. And I can’t wait to tell everyone about the good news. Your daddy & i are so excited about YOU! Just the thought of you makes us smile.

mikaela lagdameo martinez blog

I want to thank you for making it easy for mommy, considering it’s been 7 years since your big brother was born. But I must say, you’ve got quite an appetite! You’ve been munching on a lot of steak, rice, ramen and “tuyo”… Lately you’ve been wanting to eat tuna and salmon sashimi, but i’m sorry you’ll have to wait! So, i gave you a taste of Tamago sushi instead with lots of toyo and wasabi- you seemed to be pleased about it.

 mikaela lagdameo martinez blog maternity shoot

There are so many good things that have happened in our lives ever since you started growing- nothing but blessings. You’re only about 3 inches tall now but with a strong beating heart and a lot of kicks!

You know what’s most exciting? Your sister and brother are the happiest people on earth! You should’ve seen Noelle, she cried literal tears of joy as soon as we told her of your arrival (don’t worry I got it all on video for you to see when you’re older). And your brother, Tyler he can’t wait to teach you how to bike, swim, run and skate! He just can’t wait to be your Big brother! You have such awesome siblings who love you so much. You have nothing to fear.


But for now, just stay healthy, and cozy in there. I’ll take even better care of myself for you. I promise. 🙂 I love you my little one. See you in a few months!

Love, Mommy❤️


Oh wow! It feels good to be back after almost a month of being on a blog hiatus. Haha! Not that it was intentional.. But honestly, It was all because moods were just 😑💤) Haha! But yes, Baby number 3 is on the waaay!❤️ Happy Thanksgiving!



Photography: Louie Arcilla (@louiearcilla)

What I’m Wearing: An old dress I made when I was pregnant with Tyler 7 years ago. Glad i kept it!


5 thoughts on “Pregancy Diaries: At 12 Weeks

  1. you are truly blessed and highly favored! Praise God from whom all blessings flow 🙂 been married for 4yrs but no baby yet…we’re patiently waiting in His perfect time. congrats pretty preggy! 🙂

  2. Oh wow!! Can’t believe you’re having baby no. 3!!! Same as mine. You’re truly blessed of everything! Am happy for you and the whole family. ❤️🙏💋 more power!

  3. Congratulations to you & your beautiful family! You have that pregnancy glow. All the best for mommy & baby! 😊

  4. You and your family is such an inspiration! Had a girl crush on you since your Candymag days, ha ha. And you never quite seem to age. 🙂 so excited for this news–celebrating with you!! 🙂

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