Twenty Days of Christmas

This year has been all about blessings! So Rich Earth Jewelry and I have decided to collaborate and share a little something to 20 of our followers. From December 1, until the 20th, we’ll be giving away a Rich Earth Jewelry Exclusive Raw Quartz Crystal Pendant, suspended on a dainty, 18 karat gold plated chain.

To participate, simply follow these steps:

1. Follow @richearthjewelry and @mikaelamartinez on Instagram.

2. Share this image, tag @richearthjewelry, and include the hashtags #REJxMikaelaMartinez and #TwentyDaysOfXmas on your post.

3. If your Instagram account is on private mode, send a screenshot of your entry via personal message to @richearthjewelry for your entry to be acknowledged.


We will be choosing one winner a day for twenty days, and the winners will receive a personal message at the end of each contest day. This is our little way of sharing our blessings and at the same time, to show our sincerest thanks to our wonderful supporters.



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