Beauty Review: Erno Laszlo 

Collaborations are always exciting, especially when brands from overseas find ways to get to you! So i was thrilled being given the chance to work on a little project with

I always make sure that in all my social media postings, whether it be on Instagram, Twitter and most especially my blog- everything i write about is authentic and honest.

One evening, my grandma and mom came over to visit. They saw me unwrapping my Erno Laszlo parcel that had just arrived. They both freaked out! “Where did you get this? Mom look!” My mom said. “This used to be my skincare brand when i was living in the States!” My Grandma exclaimed. “That’s the best!”

Wow, so the ladies in my family approve. This must be good. So i took my time before I tried them out, also coz i found out i was pregnant.. I wanted to make sure i didn’t try anything “new” on my first trimester.

Now that I’m on my 13th week, i’m back in the groove! Haha. So last night, I opened the first product- the HYDRO-THERAPY Memory Sleep Mask. Before i opened it, i was expecting a strong smell and thick clay… But to my surprise…


It had a faint and clean scent, texture was light and when applied, it was only a thin layer of gel. Aaah! My kind of product. I personally stay away from thick and strong smelling products coz I usually react to them. So i left it on my face overnight.. And woke up with soft and glowing skin! Not kidding.

 Absolutely nothing on my face.

I cleansed my face with the PHELITYL Pre-Cleansing Oil.

Sorry still a bit sleepy!


I then washed with the SEA MUD CLEANSING BAR (without rinsing the oil off) …and when i opened the box, I actually had memories of this container!


 My Grandma used to have this on her dresser- and I, as a little girl always used to play around with her makeup and products… This really brought back memories! But again, the scent was light, fresh and clean. My face felt really fresh!

Then I pat my face dry, and figured it was time to apply the last product before I got ready for work. The HYDRA-THERAPY Refresh infusion Activateur.


This worked as a moisturizer for me. Application right before my usual day makeup.

No wonder Erno Laszlo has been such a legendary brand since the 1920’s! A-listers like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly were loyal clients. Recently, even Nicole Kidman and Brooke Shields!

 Generally happy with the effects!! No reactions at all considering My skin is quite sensitive. No red blotchies. No itchiness. I love it! Even the scent is light and clean- nothing strong and perfumey.

For more info you can click on: LUXOLA


Photography: Iphone 6, aboslutely no filters used. Haha!


One thought on “Beauty Review: Erno Laszlo 

  1. Hi Mikaela!
    Only found out about this brand now but wow, even Grace Kelly has used it.
    Btw, could you pretty please do a brow tutorial? I love how your brows are just so natural but so on fleek!


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