Pregnancy Diaries: Dressing That Bump

I know how frustrating dressing up can get on the first trimester! First of all, jeans don’t fit the way they used to and some outfits just aren’t flattering anymore.

It’s THAT phase when you look like you have a bloated tummy all day- errrday! And it really gets tricky- so since this is the third time around for me..I’ve found a few ways to solve this problem… Well at least I attempted to! Haha.

I never buy maternity clothes. Well that’s just me. I always stick to my usual size ‘coz I intend to wear them even after I give birth (Goal setting to get back to my pre-pregnancy size!). I just make sure they stretch- then it’s all good in the hood😜

I’m one of those women who sacrifice my heels throughout this period.. Even if i used to practically live in them.. Most pregnant women get away with it- but i refuse to even risk it. Besides, that’s one of the reasons you get all these back aches and pains and swollen feet. Forget it! I’ll stick to my sneaks and flats just for a few months.

I’m wearing exactly the same outfit but with a different pair of shoes! This is to show that shoes make a whole lot of difference. Literally from day to night, while keepin’ it stylish and comfortable.

The leather jacket was just an extra touch! Hehe

In the photo above, you see a bit of my baby bump while the wind blew in…peek-a-boo.

Preggo style tip: Wear tops, skirts or dresses that aren’t so snug especially on the first trimester.. You can save those for your last few months when you really want to flaunt that tummy.

I know during this stage, you don’t wanna think of even dressing up…or make an extra effort to look good…i feel you. If I had my way, I’d walk around in an oversized T-shirt and shorts. Haha! But these times are crucial, these are the times you have to hold on, and not let yourself go. For your own self-confidence, happiness, and most especially your husbands. Try to enjoy  and make the most out of these moments!

Besides, these are the best times to eat all you want without having to “suck it in!” Aaaah, how lucky are we?!

That’s it for now ladies! ‘Till the next page of my Pregnant Diaries.


Photography: Louie Arcilla (@louiearcilla)

Top & Skirt: Jessica

Jacket: Massimo Dutti

Sneakers: Adidas

Leopard Kitten Heels: Kurt Geiger


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