Pregnancy Diaries: It’s a BOY!!!

Happy new year everyone! Hope you’re all recharged and excited for 2016 as I am.

So I’m finally on my 17th week and the results are in.. We’re having a HEALTHY, BABY BOY and I can’t tell you enough just how relieved I am.

Did you know that as early as 9 weeks you can actually find out the gender, but more importantly- the genetics of your baby?! Here’s how!

There’s a new & non- invasive prenatal screening in town and it’s called PANORAMA.

Aside from the ultra sound screening, this is a more extensive test via blood extraction to rule out any syndrome, with an accuracy rate of 99.9%!

Like all expectant moms, we have worries and fears about our babies- hoping they’ll be in perfect health, with a fully functional brain, a good pair of lungs and a beating heart. So we go through regular check-ups, and ultrasound screenings, praying that everything will be alright.

This is where Panorama comes in… It ultimately provides peace of mind, but at the same time it also allows ample time for preparation incase there are any findings, and we, as parents don’t get caught off-guard once they baby is born.

So here’s how mine went.. I called the Hi-Precision Diagonstics Clinic and got an appointment. The best part is, they do home service! So this is me.. At home.. Ready to faint at the thought of blood extraction haha! (Not too good with blood but I think I can handle it, I mean after 2 kids! Hahaha)

I filled out some forms.. While chosing the preferred test, whether regular or extensive  – you can call 741-7777 for more info or log on to That simple, really.

Well, here it goes.. Inhalllleee.

Two vials of blood. Breathheee.

Yes my husband and daughter were almost as anxious as I was.. Except my little one. Confindently smiling. Haha!

And there you have it. The nurse sealed it,  and took it straight to the clinic.

Results are promised in 10-14 days.

And here’s the fun and most awaited part!

Results came just in time for Christmas Eve! After dinner, my family sat together and we did the big reveal.. Even we didn’t peek ( I promise) just to make it more exciting.


Yup, we’re having a boy, just as planned!

Since I mentioned I planned to reveal the gender to my family on Christmas eve, Mel of Hi-Precision surprised me with this cute banner! Thank youuu! I seriously teared up.

My husband and kids were the happiest of course. A few videos on their reaction and reveal are up on my Instagram page: @mikaelamartinez

But above all, I thank the Lord for granting us the most precious and priceless gift- a third child, a healthy baby boy.. His name will be Maxen~ which means the greatest.

Now we have another 5 months ’till we meet him and I can’t wait!



4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diaries: It’s a BOY!!!

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