Pregnancy Diaries: 6 Months & Flaunting It

Aaaaaah! I can’t believe how quickly time went by.. 24 weeks to be exact!

This is when dressing up can get challenging, but more than that it gets quite exciting!

Momma, it’s time to flaunt that growing belly!

To be honest, i’ve never purchased maternity clothes.. To me they all seemed to be so frumpy and blah. But sometimes, we just have to get real-a bunch of our regular clothes don’t fit the way you used to. (Denial, denial!) Haha!

So when I came across UrbanEssentialsInc on Instagram, i saw this and i finally made my first “maternity” purchase! (Yes, 3 pregnancies later) Aside from it looking snug and quite flattering- it actually has belly and back support! Yahoo! It’s just what I need. (Currently about 17 pounds gained already. Woops!)

It’s meant to be a top, but while I can still use it as a mini dress- i will! Haha! What I love about it is that you can wear it with a skirt, shorts, leggings or pants- comes in other colors too and i’m telling you it’s the comfiest thing!

So if there’s one maternity piece you must have, I suggest getting yourself a Blanqi!  I personally recommend outfits that are form-fitting because it draws attention to the belly, making you seem slimmer than you really are.

I know how it feels to be lazy and pregnant. Sometimes you feel like “I have nothing to wear!”, or “I look fat and ugly”… But to tell you the truth, it’s all in your head! There’s always a solution.

When you spend a little time and effort to fix yourself up- you’ll feel extra good about yourself, and it makes a whole lot of difference!

If there are any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to email or send a message on Instagram @mikaelamartinez.

‘Till next time 🙂


Photography: Louie Arcilla

Hat: Eugenia Kim @ ShopLCP

Dress: Blanqi @UrbanEssentialsInc

Shoes: Harlan & Holden


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