Pregnancy Diaries:  No Frump for this Bump

 Gone are the days of bows, rompers and shapeless ensembles. Times have changed, and thank God for that!

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Like I mentioned before, I was never a fan of maternity wear… It was always a challenge looking for something that I felt good in.. Besides, spending for wardrobe you’d only wear for barely even 9 months isn’t exactly the smartest move. At the same time, fitting into regular clothes isn’t the comfiest thing either.

But what if there was a solution? What if there was maternity wear that you could actually use even after you’ve given birth and even better, for nursing!? Aha. Look what I found!

Aside from the Blanqi I just discovered, I also came across Elin, an Instagram based maternity line- which are inexpensive, and can be used whether pregnant or not.. Even better, they make nursing so much more convenient!

This cover up/bolero/nursing boncho is an all one thing! Notice the buttons on the sleeves – there are several ways to wear it! And guess what, it can even work as a blanket for your baby just in case.

Easily 2 looks in just one outfit.

Dressing up doesn’t have to be so complicated. Stick to basics. Mix and match and you’re all set!


Photography: @louiearcilla on Instagram

Dress: Blanqi @UrbanEssentialsInc

Cover up: @Elin_Ph on Instagram

Shoes: Harlan & Holden


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diaries:  No Frump for this Bump

  1. Hi! 🙂 Just wanted to ask if you know where to buy formal maternity clothes that may be used for weddings? Thank you very much!

    1. Hi @maam im not so sure as ive never used “maternity gowns” but the best would be jersey dresses that stretch 🙂 plus theyre flattering too! Maybe check the racks of Charina Sarte, Rajo Laurel, Religioso etc 🙂

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