Pregnancy Diaries: 26 Weeks 

I’m suppperrr excited! Literally counting the days ’till I get to hold my little Maxen. I just can’t believe how fast it all happened.. And my nursery isn’t even done! (Oh boy! But getting there.)

You can hardly see the bump from this angle, but I’m telling you it’s there!

Mikaela Lagdameo, Mikaela Martinez, Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez , blog

See what I mean?

mikaela martinez blog, mikaela lagdameo, mikaela lagdameo-martinez

I love this dress because aside from it fitting so well.. it’s something I could definitely wear after giving birth to cover all my post pregnancy weight.. But that’s not it. See the ruffles in the middle? It works like a peek-a-boo sort of thing which gives easy access to your boobies! (Breastfeeding moms put your hands up! 😀 hahaha)

 Now isn’t that so convenient?

 With all the sleepless nights coming my way, I probably won’t have anytime to think of what to wear. Dresses will most likely become my best friend. And if they make the breastfeeding life easier- then even better!

I was able to score a few tops with hidden nursing access, just like this dress. I suggest having at least 3 on hand especially if you plan to breastfeed. The convenience will definitely be rewarding. I breastfed both my kids, and I recall having to always struggle with a regular top while feeding coz I didn’t have this option.

But what else can I say? It’s a great time to be pregnant!!! What a blessing 🙂


Photography: Louie Arcilla (@louiearcilla)

Dress: Elin_Ph on Instagram |


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