A Baby Shower for #MartinezNumberThree

Who needs birthday parties when you can have baby showers?

I honestly get all giddy when it comes to celebrating special occassions.. And all the more when it involves anything “baby”! Which is why I enjoy shopping for baby supplies, doing registries with my momma friends, and even organizing baby showers!

But this time, I was blessed to have one thrown for me .. And even better, it was held at one of my favorite stores, Pottery Barn! (since my last one 8 years ago, it felt like the first time again!) Hahaha!

Now this wouldn’t have been possible if not for my girlfriends Alyanna Martinez & Bubbles Paraiso- who are coincidentally Maxen’s godmothers! They worked hand in hand with the Pottery Barn team to make it all happen- from the guest list, to the prizes, giveaways and even the fun & games. I really had a great time! (Love you both so much and Max is so blessed to have you as his ninangs!)

What’s a party without food? Oh lucky me- TWG joined the party, with overflowing tea, macarons and delicious sandwiches!

Where’s the fun without prizes and giveaways? All my friends got to take home all these goodies from SSI’s Cortefiel, Women’s Secret, Gap, Marks & Spencer, Le Sportsac, Dune, Aeropostale, Reiss, Burts Bees, and gc’s from my favorite waxing joint Strip Manila!

Baby Gap also setup a little Clay making booth and gave a prize to whoever made the best looking baby!

It was a great idea!


Here are my gorgeous momma friends Isabel Roces Trebol, Maggie Wilson Consunji & Stephanie Zubiri Crespi all smiles during one of the games- Guess My Waistline! Hahaha

What more could I have asked for? My husband and kids were there, even more family, girlfriends and it was just fun fun fun!

My kiddos Noelle & Tyler couldn’t help themselves- they joined all the games and won some of them! Too adorable!

Our good friend, Tim Yap despite his very busy schedule made sure to drop by! Here he is with my husband & i.

We didn’t get to take a complete photo with everyone but these ladies were pretty much the last ones standing. Hehe.


My friend Cham (leftmost) was so sweet as she made cupcakes and crinkles for all my guests to take home!!! Find her on instagram @littlebites_cupcakery.

Not to mention the super cute balloon setup by Trixie of @wrapitup_ph!

Thanks so much for all the love guys! This little guy’s definitely blessed!



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