Aprica Loves Baby Maxen

Yup, #MartinezNumberThree has a name- Maxen, which means “Greatest”..  And I’m literally counting the weeks, counting the days ’till we all get to him!

 So can you imagine our excitement seeing this headline on the papers? He’s definitely making his mark at such a young age!

It was April 5th 2016 when Aprica, one of the best stroller brands in the market threw a baby shower for Maxen & I, hand in hand of course at our family fave~ Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.

Did you know that Aprica was actually the stroller my mom used when I was a baby? It’s been a trusted choice even in the 80’s!

Yup that’s me!

Now let me share with you all of our happy moments at the baby shower!!!


The setup was SUPER cute!!! Love, love, love how Portia of @GptheStoryTeller fixed everything! (I even took his name home haha!)

Not to mention this delicious candy corner with a cake and cupcakes by Sonja!

It was just as good as it looked!

All the cute little details…

One of the most hilarious games ever, Pin the sperm on the egg. Haha! Good job Celline!

Another hit was the “Don’t Say Baby” Game~ of course my kids Noelle & Tyler did everything in their power to make everyone say BABY!

Cutie pie Tristan was a darling! His mom Kelly Misa Fernandez is one of my good friends, in fact she’s my son Tyler’s ninang 🙂 Look at them! Such a good looking pair. Thank you for being there!

Of course here’s Maxen’s fairy godmother (LOL!) Bubbles and our gorgeous supermommy friend Rissa made sure that all my girls got to take home my fave Happy Skin products!!! Thank you so much Riss!

And this wouldn’t have also been possible without 2 of my bestest buds in the world- Bubb & Isabel! They made sure everything went smoothly and even hosted all the games! Love you girls!

That’s not even it, all my friends got to take home notebooks and umbrellas from Cath Kidston, bottles of Zola polish from Beauty N Butter, gift certificates and prizes from TOMS & Nothing But Water (the first brand I ever endorsed 12 years ago!)… And some chocolate of course! YUM!


… I mean after all their efforts of chugging down juice through a newborn’s baby bottle! They definitely deserve awesome prizes! Haha. Here’s Rissa, Nikka, my son Tyler and Marga. All so competitive!

 The not so complete photo (again!) But here’s half of the group! Thank you girls for showering Maxen and our family with so much love!

And to the ladies behind Aprica & Edsa Shangri-La, Jenna & Aimee (always hiding from the camera hahaha)~ what a blessing you ladies are! Thank you so much!


My family and i are grateful!!!


‘Till next time!



One thought on “Aprica Loves Baby Maxen

  1. Hi there… I’ve just came across your post on the aprica stroller model in the picture of you… FYI, my daughter was born on 15th Jan 2016 and the best things is, she’s even still using the same stroller like you have there in the picture which have been used by my elder sister n my younger sister… 1985-2016… Please do keep in touch, my email ammarthaqif.ar@gmail.com or whatsapp +6013.346.6586

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