Eating For Two


It’s my 9th month and i’m gonna celebrate!

Counting the weeks, counting the days, maybe even the hours. Just all happiness and good vibes!

So, you’ve gained 30 pounds? 40? or even 50? Don’t fret! I feel you. Let’s all work on that post pregnancy weight after! Think of Heidi Klum, or Adriana Lima- they have kids! They were able to do it! Hahaha. Yes they might be supermodels, but they are after all only human. So cheer up. Let’s do this together!

To all the preggo momma’s out there, especially the ones on the last trimester… You can do it! We all can! You’ve come this far, so just breatheee! 🙂


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Photography: Louie Arcilla 

Instagram: @louiearcilla


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