Top 5 Baby Essentials… For Mum too!

With so many items available in the market, where do you even begin? I know a lot of you are first time moms, and it can get really overwhelming. So I just wanted to share a few MUSTS if you’ve got a baby on the way! Hope this helps πŸ™‚

Let’s start with something that’ll be helpful while you are still pregnant.. The LAZBOY, hand in hand with the BOPPY pillow.

Back when I was expecting my first born, Noelle (12 years ago), all I had was a wooden rocking chair that i filled up with pillows to make it extra cozy. The second time around, it was my husbands brilliant idea to get me a LazBoy.. And wow! It made a whole lot of difference, that I ended up sleeping on it during my last trimester and eventually, it carried on as my breastfeeding chair. It was JUST THE BEST. As years went by, of course it became “daddy’s chair”… So… Bye, bye. Haha!

So with the little one on the way, it was time to get me a new one! My whole body just says “Thank you!” every time.

This LazBoy Pinnacle can rock, recline and even swivel! It’s probably one of the most useful items from pregnancy to post pregnancy, as it evolves into a breastfeeding chair. And as for the Boppy, well trust me on this- the fact that it goes around your waist and gives the perfect propping you need while feeding- im telling you, it saves you from exhaustion & that numb feeling. As the baby grows older, he eventually uses it as his own hug pillow- just like my son Tyler did.

The next item on my list would be the CO-SLEEPER.


This is a temporary spot as I continue to do the finishing touches in the nursery. This Co-Sleeper actually goes straight to my bedside once Maxen is born.

I am dedicated to breastfeeding this little one as I did with his older brother and sister. And honestly, having them right next to me at night makes it so much easier- especially on zombie mode!

Back in the day, there were only playpens/bassinets which i used for both Noelle & Tyler. There weren’t any co-sleepers in the market that offered the same “easy access” to the bed. So you literally had to get up and reach over every single time.

What’s great about the Co-Sleeper is that it’s the perfect size for travel- so when you go on beach trips etc. Just fold and pack- and your baby will feel right at home!


Fourth in line would be the HALO SLEEPSACK. 

Gone are the days where the art of swaddling must be mastered. All you need to do with Halo is to zip up and cinch. Your baby then is safe and secure- free from any worries of suffocation. In addition, it’ll be totally impossible for the baby to kick the swaddle off unlike your ordinary blankets. It makes it so much more convenient for baby and mom!

You can choose from solid fun and playful prints!


Like this one I’m holding.

And last but not the least, one item i swear by eversince I had Noelle… The MEDELA BREAST PUMP.


I started with a manual pump, then eventually the Swing, which is the single breast pump. Then with Tyler, the FREESTYLE pump was what I used. Just like the one I have now…except at that time it was just an off and on button with an adjustable switch for intensity- no digital screen like this one.

But Medela has always been my choice. I experimented with a few others especially during my first pregnancy- but this one is what worked best for me. Why? I was done in 15 minutes and filled up t0 20 ounces. Haha! Okay I was a cow.

And now I think I’m ready to be one again! πŸ™‚

If you’ve got any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on Instagram or Twitter: @mikaelamartinez.

See where i went shopping for all these below.

Really hope this helped you! See ya again soon!


Photography: Louie Arcilla | @louiearcilla |

Dress: @elin_ph on Instagram


LAZBOY: Distributed by BLIMS & through @theparentingemporium the one stop shop on Instagram

BOPPY:  Available at Pottery Barn and Rustan’s

CO-SLEEPER: Available at Rustan’s. Distributed by @armsreachph on Instagram

HALO SLEEPSACK: Available at Rustan’s & Mothercare. Distributed by @Halophilippines on Instagram

MEDELA: Distributed by & Available at @theparentingemporium formerly Medela Moms.


16 thoughts on “Top 5 Baby Essentials… For Mum too!

  1. yey! im giving birth next week! i have all except that i have a rocking chair instead of the lazy boy and cuddle bug cosleeper instead armsreach brand because they’re cheaper πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Mika, what’s the title of the song when you posted this on your snapchat? THANK YOU. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Mika! I love your posts so much! Your photos are so beautiful. What kind of camera do you use? And how do you edit your photos? They’re so professional! Haha πŸ˜›

    1. Hi @gigi Hehe thank you! That’s ‘coz a professional takes them! Hehehe Almost all photos on my blog with me in it are taken by @louiearcilla πŸ™‚ Do check out his profile on Instagram and his website too! He’a great! He does all my family photo shoots too!πŸ‘

  4. Hi Mika, thank you so much for the juicy advices and tips. Been reading your blog and I’ve learned a lot. What I love though most about this blog? Your Maxi dress!😊😊 looks so comfortable and elegant.

  5. Hi mikaela! I was just wondering if you could share your skin care regimen while your pregnant please.. theres too many in the market, i dont know which are safe to use. Thank you.😊

  6. Hi! What do you suggest when it comes to stretchmark cream? Actually, I think it’s too late for me na kase I’m 34 weeks pregnant now. But what do you suggest when it comes to lightening those marks after birth? Thanks in advance! Btw, new reader here. I love your articles.

    1. Hi @ericka thank you so much! Oh its never too late to start! Start applying asap πŸ™‚ get the Clarins Tonic oil at night as it is the richest and most effective for me. For daytime i like the mustela stretch mark lotion. πŸ™‚

  7. Miss Mikaela, how about skincare while pregnant? First time mom and im in my 37 weeks. Im all so dry, face is so dry, all dark areas puffy eyes, I just look old and ugly way so different😞 Even my hair is awful. Add up thr gain weight makes it more depressing. A good looking radiant face at least could make it all better but dont know skincare works- SFO Mom

    1. Hi @Jackie! First of all congratulations for reaching the 37th! You’re almost there πŸ™‚ aaaw i feel you!!! The hair, the dryness that is normal.. And i know it might take a little effort but i usually get my hair blowdried or i put waves wth my curling iron… If not i gel it up and tie in a bun. It makes a lot of difference! Also i make sure to moisturize everyday! And put a little concealer, blush and a lipstick just to make yourself feel better. πŸ˜‰ i gained 40 pounds currently! Haha so you are not alone. I’ll work on my skin story soon! :)) hope this helps

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