Dashing Diva: Time to Indulge

So this is it.. My last hurrah before Maxen’s arrival! Wax. Check. Blowdry. Check. Nails.. Double check!


Every woman wants to look and feel their best especially at the largest time of their lives.. What better way to do it than with girlfriends?

So today, I had a pampering session at my favorite nail salon, Dashing Diva at Beauty Bar Central Square BGC… And my girls got to join in as well.

 Only 3 weeks apart.. Georgia and I showing off our big, round bellies! Hangin’ in there!

Aside from the pampering session, we all got awesome goody bags from Beauty Bar! Woohoo!

Baby showers like these are the best and are actually quite fitting for almost any little occassion (even for your daughters celebrations)! The packages are very affordable too. It’s also a great way to catch up and get your weekly nail routine covered!

Squeaky, clean nails.. Yay!

Patty Ang, Xandra Rocha Araneta, Georgia Schulze Del Rosario, Bubbles Paraiso, Aryn Cristobal, Isabel Roces Trebol, Jess Tan Gan, Maggie Wilson Consunji

Thank you ladies for spending the day with me!

Now if you’d like to plan a sparty yourself, you may call Dashing Diva at Central Square (02) 958 5347 or contact them through Instagram @beautybarph.

Now…I am SOOO ready to give birth! Come out, come out my little one.



2 thoughts on “Dashing Diva: Time to Indulge

    1. I didn’t use any this time because i’ll be giving birth soon and the doctors check on your nail color while in labor…. But i usually use CND at Dashing, it doesn’t bother me. @bianx

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