Pregnancy Diaries: 38 Weeks| The Last Stretch

Reminiscing the last few days of my pregnancy… I was impatient and more than ready to give birth. But most of all, I just wanted to meet my baby boy.

I was dilated at 1 cm only to find out that a week after i was stuck at 3 cm! I then decided to get myself induced because I was just so tired and approaching my 39th week already. This was the longest i’ve waited! (Both my kids were delivered at 37 weeks) Besides, it wasn’t just the baby gaining more and more weight, but I as well!

Thank God that even if labor was long (yes, 24 hours) Maxen came out perfect and healthy after only 4 pushes! I noticed though that my pain tolerance this time was extremely high. I felt like a tough mama! Prayers really helped me through.

Rewind to a few days before i gave birth, I called my buddy Wesley Villarica and asked him if he could squeeze in a quick shoot before i popped! All I said and white. No makeup. Just me.

I never got to do any shoot like this during my previous pregnancies. So this was something new and daring! Besides at 30, and this being the third time around- I guess I feel more like a woman now! Haha! But oh my.. I was already 42 pounds heavier at this point. I mean look at THAT tummy. But nevertheless, i’m so glad we were able to document this special time!

Two weeks have passed since then and Maxen is finally here! We are enjoying every single moment. He is such a bundle of joy!

More on Instagram @mikaelamartinez & Snapchat @mikaelamartini.

Keep in touch! 🙂


Photogrpahy: Wesley Villarica| @wesvillarica


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