Anti-Aging: Say Hello to Your Best Skin Yet!

I’m always on the lookout for effective beauty & skin care products. I personally do not go just for what’s popular because we all have various skin types and we react differently to each. Sadly, the process in which we find the winning product is only by trial and error.

One thing I want to tell you though is that my face, in particular is sensitive (pregnant or not). So when a product is too rich, I get all itchy and blotchy. I’m sure you’ve probably experienced this once in your life.

Last month, I was lucky to have my skin assessed and tested to see it’s actual condition. And it was there that I found that my skin type was “very dry”.. Not even just dry, but VERY. To make things worse, I already started to develop wrinkles! Eeep.

Strange, considering I wash & moisturize with SPF on a daily basis. Only to find out that my regimen was not enough. Whoops.

What I actually lacked was an evening & anti-aging regimen! Apparently, once you turn 30- IT IS A MUST, because this is when one’s collagen production starts to slow down.. And well, reality kicks in. We aren’t getting any younger.

The key here is to prevent the problem before it actually becomes a PROBLEM. Does that make sense?

So having found out my skin’s condition.. I instantly started my Anti-aging regimen! I will not wait any longer.

So aside from my usual SPF Day Cream… i have now added these anti-aging products to my regimen.

The Revitalift Night Cream Mask & Eye Cream from L’oreal.

The Night Cream helps reduce lines, it restores and tightens skin especially while we sleep. If you don’t have any night regimen, you’ll notice that when you wake up, your skin turns out to be really dry.

As for the Eye Cream, it works by diminishing puffiness and it firms the skin around the eyes. What I love about this aside from the actual product is the applicator, it has an icy cool effect which makes me want to keep it around the area longer. You’ll see what I mean once you try it!

Here are a few other things you might need- the Serum, which stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process (it’s great before makeup too for a natural glow).. The Power Water, which actually is thefirst  step after washing your face. It instantly hydrates skin and keeps it that way to last you the entire day.. And of course, the day cream. It’s light and non-greasy, it reduces pores as well.


Now I know you must be thinking, “wow, what a hassle” or “ang dami naman niyan!” (“That’s a lot of stuff!”) Haha. But really, if you want results, you really need to invest a little more time. If you think about it, it’s not all that bad! It’s just an extra minute after a shower and bath.

Now if you are too overwhelmed- i would say start with the basics and then once you start to love it and see the effects, you build on it.

So here’s what I personally started with:

For Day: Day Cream. Total Care (photo right above) This one evens out skin tone & has SPF 27 which is a MUST.

For Night: Night Cream. Eye Cream.

But then eventually, I got used to it so I decided to use the complete line for faster and more effective results.

To make it simple, 3 for day. 3 for night. It really isn’t that bad.

These products have been very kind to me. They are affordable and you don’t really need to use a lot for it to spread. A bottle will last you a long time.

If you’re thinking about budget, here are the prices in Philippines Pesos.

Day Cream P1,499.

Night Cream P1,499.

Eye Cream P995.

Total Care P1,499.

Serum P1,499.

Power Water P499.

Hope this helps! Again, this is speaking from my own experience. I’m not a professional in this field. If you need any further advice, best to consult your dermatologist.


Portraits: @louiearcilla

Product shots: Me! πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Anti-Aging: Say Hello to Your Best Skin Yet!

  1. Hi miss mika what product you will suggest for darkeyebags? And for my face I have lots of whiteheads . it’s really annoying since I’m already 28. I love ur skin may glow talaga . I really hope you can give me tips to have a skin like yours .You and andi manzano are my fave celebrity mom .

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