When My Daughter Turned 12

I have a 12 year old! I can’t believe it myself. Time does fly.

A few weeks before Noelle’s birthday, this little lady e-mailed (Yes, E-mailed!!!) a “Birthday Party Proposal” which included a theme, design pegs from decorations, to the cake, games, prizes, and down to the guest list. I was amazed. I mean she had it all planned out and just needed our approval.

Since we couldn’t travel this time ’cause I was on my last trimester- a birthday party was definitely in order!

For the balloons, I called Bing of Party Station. She’s someone I can trust as she has been doing parties for friends & family over the years. She always knows exactly what to do.

For catering, I hired Passion Cooks because aside from their delicious food- they do beautiful table settings as well! Always so happy with their service.

Since Noelle only invited about 8 of her closest friends.. She personally prepared all the giveaways each with handwritten notes. Such a sweet touch! Every case included nail polish, post-it’s, a glitter ball, and some candies.

We didn’t have any program prepared, but  we did have a booth by Beauty N Butter to get our nails done- just as the birthday girl ordered.

Here’s a photo with my youngest brother Andre. He eventually took over hosting random games for the girls! Haha good job!

Aside from manicures, all the girls got henna tattooes! Apparently, it’s the “in thing” nowadays… Yes just as it was when I was in high school! Haha

I also booked the artist through Party Station.

Great Idea Noelle!

Since Noelle wanted everything with a personal touch, we also ordered these pillows from Insta Mug.

Here’s a photo with one of her BFF’s.

Of course her little bro Tyler had to be part of it too. Although he did complain just a bit that everything was too girly! Haha But what a sport! He got himself some Henna Tattooes instead.

Come on, no party is complete without a “pabitin”! We always had one growing up and so I wanted my kids to experience the love-hate relationship with this thing. Hahaha! The struggle is reaaal!

Look at that face!

And so they moved on to their own games like “Stop Dance” and other inventions. I had so much fun watching them. Reminded me so much of my friends and I back in grade school.

Caption this. Priceless.

They were actually grooving to “Macarena” and “Dancing Queen”. Haha!

Time to blow the cake!!!

Remember to always make a funny face.

 They’ll look back at this ten years from now and won’t regret it…or maybe not.

Open presents with your friends, that’s the fun part!


Have a guest book. It’s nice to read through it years after. Always brings back good memories.

Out of all the parties she had, this was the most memorable one yet.

I love you my darling, Noelle!

Simple. Fun. Easy. But EXTRA Special!

Don’t forget the cake & cuppies! (Made by @littlebites_cupcakery)


Photography: Louie Arcilla (@louiearcilla)


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