When My Son Turned 8

We usually go on trips to celebrate my kids birthdays, after all, they’re only a month apart. But since we have a new baby in the family, this year, they both decided to celebrate with their closest friends at home.

My son, Tyler absolutely loves this game called Growtopia and without hesitation, this was the theme he chose. We needed to bring it to life! But since I practically just gave birth, i needed help. It was time to call the experts!

Last year, I met Portia of @gpthestoryteller at a wedding of one of my good friends.. A few months after, it was also Portia that designed my baby shower with Aprica! (See previous post) So when I called her, she instantly said yes! I was relieved, because when a theme isn’t so common, most party planners decline or give other options to choose from.. But with Portia, knowing that she and her team make all the backdrops, standees and decor from scratch- it was a breath of fresh air. She was gonna make it happen.

Look at that face! In his own words he called it “EPIC!” Haha! It was everything he imagined it to be.

All these little details made a big difference! Lego pieces, coloring pages, candy jars on grass.. So well thought of!


And this “LEGENDARY”‘popcorn stand was brilliant. Caramel and Cheese homemade popcorn! We all couldn’t help ourselves.


What’s a party without cake? This one was as delicious as it looked! Made with love by @littlebites_cupcakery. (P.S she’s the same lady behind those super Red Velvet Crinkles I’ve been raving about! Haha)

When you have a house party, you don’t need a host to keep the kids entertained. They find ways- trust me. But since we had a bunch 8 year old boys coming over- a jumpyard was a must. Oh boy, it was a hit! I rented this one from @adaswonderlandpartyneeds.

Look at those faces!

And of course we had to throw in the classic “pabitin”- one of my favorites growing up!

The day wasn’t over yet… Someone made a surprise visit! Optimus Prime hahaha!

 He danced so well, it’s crazy!

I love the mascots from the ever reliable @cosplayperformers ~ they all look legit!

No party is complete without giveaways. Each of Tyler’s friends got a personalized Growtopia pillow from @insta_mug.

Since they were all Growtopia fans, they absolutely loved it!

 And this is how you blow a cake! Happy birthday Tyler!!

See, intimate parties at home aren’t all that bad. Infact, they seem to enjoy it even more!



*Sharing our first family photo with the littlest one*


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