Reality Bites. Maternity Leaves Do Come To An End 

I’ve only been in the corporate world for six years, so when I gave birth to my first two children, I never experienced having to file for Maternity Leave.

This year was a first.

I was all excited to be able to take a break and spend 2 entire months at home with my kids! But little did I know that 60 days was not enough. Time just went by too fast. I wanted to cry… And in fact, I did.

Stepping out for an hour or two is so different from actually having to spend the day without my baby who was only 8 weeks old! I felt like I was leaving home without a part of me 😦 It was so strange. I was sad.

Monday morning came, August 1st.. I packed my pump, some bottles, my little cooler with ice packs… And off to work I went.

Thank God for family- my mom, especially.. You know when your babies are this little you don’t want to leave them with just anyone… Somehow when there’s family around, you’re more at ease. So, thanks MOM!

I’m approaching my third week back at work, and i’m asking all working moms out there— HOW DO YOU DO IT? It’s so difficult!

To be honest, there are countless times I want to just quit. But I don’t want to make such a drastic decision because I might just be emotional. At the same time, I don’t want to rely on my husband for everything- I want to do things on my own too. I think that’s the independent side of me speaking. 

I keep thinking, if other moms can do it then so can I. I am so blessed to have an awesome job and career, one which I sincerely enjoy… And to give it all up might be a mistake. Forgive me for being so blunt- This is just how I feel.

How I’m coping? Taking it one day at a time. One hour at a time. Literally. I call up my house every so often to check if he’s sleeping, if he’s drinking well, and believe it or not, even if he pooped… First two weeks everything was normal.. But only about 4 days ago he started to get into this fit whenever I’d leave home ! He doesn’t drink so much anymore and cries ’till i get home. Waaaaaah! HOWWW?! Torture.

When my husband gets home from work, Max calms down for a bit but before you know it He looks for me again. You know how I know that? Because as soon as I get home, and he sees me. He stops crying! Immediately. Then looks for my breast 😦

Oh boy. That’s why this 2 month maternity leave seriously needs an upgrade. (Thank you Senator Pia Cayetano & Manny Pacquiao for the 100 day maternity leave benefit! I really hope it becomes a law soon! )

Since this is a FIRST for me, I need your help this time. Moms, how did you cope? Please share your thoughts with me..either comment below or send a message on Instagram @mikaelamartinez. Can’t wait to hear from you!


Photography: Newborn Stories by The Picture Company @tpcnewbornstories


10 thoughts on “Reality Bites. Maternity Leaves Do Come To An End 

  1. I’d recommend having the one taking care of your little one wear some piece of clothing that has your scent. It makes the baby more calm having that smell of their mommy.

  2. Hi there. I know how it feels. I was in the same situation 3 years ago. But where I live, we are allowed up to a year to take maternity leave, 15 weeks of which is paid. Back to your Baby Maxen. Have you heard of the brand Cuski? They have all sorts of comforters that gives the baby a “sense of security and well being”. It may work for you and your baby. All the best.

      1. Check out the Cuskiboo. I had a friend who used it when she had to go back to work after maternity leave. 😊

  3. Hi! I experienced that with our shobe goodness if i have to attend to my panganay’s school activities shobe will just cry and cry and cry. She doesn’t want to drink milk from the bottle(exclusive bf also). I have so many milk sa freezer because i pump but in a day she will only consume 300ml. Im really torn between my bunso and her ate. The ate is 5 years old that time and bunso was 2months up to 6 months old. She will cry nonstop. My hormones were still fluctuating that time and i feel sad guilty for both of them. I feel bad about myself because i felt i was lacking as a mom. But my Ob says its normal..just talk about it talk about your feelings.Talk about the sadness and guilt that you feel. And have a routine. For me it works..same pattern everyday for the baby. Same time for bath time,nap time,play time..and same person who will take care of the baby for that specific time. Now my baby is took me i think around 7-9 months. 9am bath time..10am naptime until 11:30 then 2:30 pm naptime until 4pm..then bath time again 6:30 7:30pm 8pm she’s asleep na.In our room lights off then tv is on.She will wake up around 6am the next day.When I’m away because i have to attend to our business she’s ok na..but according to her yaya she knows pag malapit na ako umuwi she’ll say mommy mommy then..pasalubong:) My husband wants me to stay at home with the kids and he’ll just take care of the business,but personal decision i want to help also.And i think its healthy also for the kids because i have to attend to her ate also..if im always at home it will be more difficult for her to get used to it when i need to accompany her ate. I hope i was able to help..😊hirap maging mom hehe

    1. Thank you for sharing your story @gold 🙂 i agree, i think it’s healthy that we also work coz in the long run it keeps us balanced… It’s just the initial part of finding balance that’s a struggle. Luckily i get to leave for work at 11am so i still have time in the morning to feed and bathe him. 🙂 but stilll, the struggle is real !!! Hahaha

  4. Hi! I gave birth to my firstborn son last April and was hoping (praying!) that the 100 days ML would be in effect na by the time I delivered but no luck 😣 I learned last week that the House didn’t pass it 😓 what’s disappointing too is that it was that poorly publicized that it didn’t pass vs the passing sa senate (kept my hopes up). I agree wholeheartedly that 60 days, for normal delivery, is really not enough…I was a zombie for the first few weeks after my son was born, super sleep deprived, often anxious and overwhelmed by the newness of caring for a helpless baby, trying to build up my milk supply and establishing the breastfeeding relationship (learning, always learning) and really, just trying to keep my head above water and figuring things out as best as I could. By the time ML was coming to an end, I felt like hindi pa ako ready AT ALL haha. Luckily, I live close to my place of work and my job offers the flexibility for me to work from home most days. I know this set up isn’t something that’s available or feasible for most, and a lot of my mom friends also lament that they feel tempted to either just give up exclusive breastfeeding (!!!) or quit/ take a sabbatical from work because it’s just that hard. Even with the set up I have, (& I know I’m already very lucky) I still feel the pressure of performing at work as though I have no child to worry about and care for, and of being the best mom for my child as though I have no work things to think about and deadlines to meet 😢 sorry, I know you were looking for tips and I really don’t have any, but I feel so strongly about this and just felt the need to share and comment 😊 I know that there are a lot of us in the same boat so good luck to all of us!

  5. My maternity leave is about to end in two weeks and I really feel that I want to resign but then again I’m scared to make sudden decisions. When I see my baby and watch her sleep it makes me cry thinking I have to leaver her so soon 😦 also makes me feel like I’m a bad mom if I choose to stay at work full time instead of choosing to be a full time mom.. How are you coping? 😭

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