Every Little Moment

Exactly a year ago today, i posted my very first blog entry. Has it really been a year already?! Time does fly!

But more importantly, this little baby of mine is 3 months old and weighs about 6 kilos now! Maxen used to be so tiny, and always snuggled up in his Halo. Now this Sleepsack won’t even fit him anymore. Hahaha! We switched up a size because he’s just so long and all chubby chub.

In this photo he was only 7 days old! It seems like it was only yesterday.

  I remember the day I first held him in my arms- he was sooo small. I can never forget. And now, he’s just so heavy that my arms have permanently started to ache! Haha. But what a joy he is! He now has playtime during the day- he listens when we talk to him & responds accordingly. He smiles and laughs too- so many milestones in just 12 weeks!

Over a month ago, he had not a care in the world but to sleep, poop and eat. And see this pose? Like if we tried that now, IMPOSSIBLE! He moves way too much to be able to achieve this shot!

  Just goes to show that.. They really do grow up -way too fast. So while they are this little, every second, every moment- cherish it. I know that especially for first time parents, you just cannot wait for them to grow up, talk and walk.

While that stage seems fun (and it actually is), enjoy and savor the moments when all they ever rely on is you. Trust me, you’re gonna miss it. Why do you think we went for baby #3? Hahaha!

Just looking back at all these photos again… Aaaaw. My heart!!!

  I remember the frequent hours I had to wake up to feed-and sometimes with absolutely no sleep at all.. But hooray, We survived the first 3 months!! Woohoo! Longer sleeping hours for us, no more poopy diapers in the middle of the night (Thank God! Haha)

Up to now, the Halo Sleepsack is a staple during sleep time. At about 7:30pm I put it on- and that’s a signal to him that it’s time to sleep through the night. I know that he associates it with bedtime because his feeding position also changes! He refuses the cradle position INSTANTLY and only feeds when propped on my pillow, while I lay on my side right next to him.(Again this all happens AS SOON as I put the Halo on- even my husband noticed!) I guess he got used to this position ’cause that’s how I feed him throughout the night. But still, that’s quite impressive for a 3 month old!!! Way too smart for his own good think!

So if you’re trying to establish longer sleep time for your baby especially with the day to night adjustment… The Halo Sleepsack is a good indicator for them. Try it out. With Maxen, he really knows it’s time to sleep once he has it on. Aside from that, you will never have to worry about them suffocating from a loose blanket!

But let me say this again.. Has it really been 3 months??? 

A reminder to slow down, and enjoy every little moment.



Photography: Ken of @PeasAndPodsPhotography

On Maxen: Halo Sleepsack | For more information: http://www.halophilippines.com

“My little Maxen, you are definitely not this tiny anymore. But I LOVE and absolutely enjoy every single moment with you. Time is going by so fast… And with time, you are getting stronger, cuter, taller, and smarter! While I am excited to see you grow up, I would really like the clock to slow down just a bit…’cause I know in a few years, you won’t wanna be called my baby anymore.

So now, we are gonna smother you with all the kisses and hugs every chance we get- and you won’t have a choice but to take it all! Hehehe I love you little guy.

Love, Mommy.”


3 thoughts on “Every Little Moment

  1. Maxen is 4 days older than my ds, how i wish my son is the same, but he hated swaddling, and pacifiers. He screams whenever i put on his halo sleepsack. He likes to move freely without restrictions. Im still worried about using blanket esp. it’s gonna get chilly during fall- winter months over here.

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