Balancing Act: Raising Children, Finding Yourself

Life. Marriage. Kids… To a first time parent, this pretty much sounds like game over. But let me tell you- THIS IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE BEST THINGS THAT’LL EVER HAPPEN TO YOU.  


I was 19 when we had Noelle. I was a student, on my last semester and about to graduate from college. Raising her at that time was all very different because my husband and I weren’t married yet. We lived separately too because I also had to finish school first. We waited 2 years ’till we walked down the aisle- and our flower girl was our very own baby girl. (More of this story on a previous entry Life in the Quarter Years)


Two years into our marriage, I was pregnant with baby number 2- our son, Tyler. We moved into our own home from previously renting one. New baby, new home,.. Two kids while in my mid-20’s! It was great. But this time, I was juggling a full time modeling career here and around Asia. The sacrifice here was having to fly out to shoot for about a week, sometimes even two without my husband and kids. The schedule was erratic and there was no structure. But we managed.. and even  breastfeeding exclusively for 10 months was a success!


8 years went by.. New businesses happened, along with a new job. And here I am, now in my early 30’s with baby number 3- Maxen. A  little more prepared this time than ever. I feel that as a parent I am definitely more calm and confident when it comes raising a newborn child. But you know what, I still don’t have it all figured out! Because even if this is my third time around, there are also a lot of “firsts” I’m dealing with here. In my previous blog entry, I talked about the end of my Maternity Leave, and also having to go through those terrible, terrible COLIC nights (which I never experienced with Noelle & Tyler).. So despite having 3 kids, raising all three were different.




Three babies throughout a decade-from experiencing motherhood as a teenager, then in my 20’s and early 30’s! I should definitely keep that pattern going don’t you think? Haha!

 Looking back though, I have absolutely no regrets! In fact I am so happy that we started a family when we did. It was early enough for us to be able to grow, appreciate and experience every milestone together.


My point is, you are never really prepared for parenthood. No one is! It just comes at you and you ride it..That big wave of emotion, physical challenge and even drastic financial change. You just go with it and you ride it. This is where you discover just how much wiser you’ve become, and find how much strength you actually have- then you begin to realize that this is now who you are- The empowered woman you never thought you were. It is there where you now find balance and purpose..


And all is as it should be. 


Photography: Louie Arcilla| @louiearcilla


2 thoughts on “Balancing Act: Raising Children, Finding Yourself

  1. I’m having my 3rd soon and I’m in my early 30’s. There’s no pattern, it’s true. Every child is different, every patience will be stretched. 🙂 You see m to be doing a great job as mom. 🙂 keep it up! 🙂

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