When you’ve got a tween, she’s definitely a little more interested in her moms makeup stash now! (I know, time please slow down!)

So when I did a little cosmetic shopping on… my little lady just HAD to suggest the Too Faced Chocolate Bar ..”THIS IS THE BEST PALETTE EVER! IT EVEN SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE!, she gushed.

I was like “How do you know?” She goes “Because I saw it on YouTube!” Oh my. This is definitely a new generation.

When the package arrived, one of her requests was that we unbox them together.. And that’s not it.. That she would get to do my makeup as well. It was a deal!

Did I have any choice??

So here it goes… (I asked her to enumerate “her”procedures and which of the shades she used) I had absolutely no say in this! Haha.

Step 1: Put some “Milk chocolate” on the corners and toward the inner lid.

  Step 2: Blend in with “White Chocolate” to soften.

Step 3: Allow mom to pick & use one product.

(Gee, thanks! ~ I chose the Lip Injection out of curiosity– it plumps the lip just right, and with a minty sting, it fills in the ridges. Nothing exaggerated as it sounds.)

Step 4: Go “mwah, mwah.”

Step 5: Choose a lipstick shade.

I picked “Chihuahua” out of the Too Faced Melted Chocolate collection, because it looks natural.

Step 6: Okay fine, mom gets to put some on me too.

Mom!!! That’s too dark for me! Can we use the same shade??

(Woops too late, I used “Fig” on her.)

Step 7: Tadaaa!

And we’re done!

Not bad right? My only comment was to lessen the darker shade so I don’t look punched in the eye. Haha! But still, i think she deserves two thumbs up. Love you Noelle!

‘Till our next makeup story!


Products: Too Faced Cosmetics, all available at

Makeup by: Noelle Martinez


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