Tea Time & a Magazine Cover

I am honored and indeed very grateful to be gracing the cover of Lifestyle Asia’s November issue…and all the more, having the opportunity to celebrate this moment with my family and dearest friends just means so much.


When the Lifestyle Asia team called regarding this party they intended to host for me..  I thought it wouldn’t be anything grand- just a simple  & casual get together with 15 of my closest friends.

So you can imagine how amazed I was seeing all this before me… even my guests were surprised. Coincidentally, It was also the celebration of Shangrila Mall’s 25th year (our venue and my work place as well)-


    There was even a little photo booth right by the entrance, so my “date” and I could have a few snaps together! Heehee (Sorry, my husband has officially been replaced!)

We had overflowing wine & canapes from one of my favorites, TWG!

And here I was happy to see my girls Bubbles, Nicole (she was the host), Patty & Yanee!

Excuse the bottle, it really has become a staple nowadays during these social events- I don’t have to hide in a corner to directly feed my little one. I can drink from my glass, while he drinks freely from his own too! Haha.

Aaah, and here two of my most adorable guests–my youngest son Maxen, and his “date”, Olivia – who happens to be my god daughter..and of course her gorgeous mom,  Andi who is one of my good friends as well!

And this wouldn’t have been possible without the awesome Lifestyle Asia team spearheaded by Anna Sobrepena..

Thank you all so much!!!

Here’s a sneak peak of the November issue..

Hope you could support us and get yourselves a copy or two! The magazine is also available online on Magzter.



Photography: Patrick Uy



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