Mink: My Passion Project

I’ve always enjoyed lighting candles at home… And even if they’ve always been pricey~ I never really thought of them as a waste.

There’s just something so beautiful about a nicely scented and candle-lit home. It takes you to a level of absolute relaxation… and I love it!

So last year, I thought- why not come up with my own line of candles and share a piece of myself and my home with this line?

I also did have an intention of getting pregnant last year- and this would be the perfect idea to jumpstart this new bundle of joy. (Meaning with a new addition to the family, it also means triple the expense!) Haha!

So… after meeting with suppliers, testing out scent after scent..I finally came up with MINK.
Mink is made from natural beeswax and organic oils from France. Each candle is 270g and a combined fresh scent of Pine, Wood & Sea Salt.

So even if you don’t light it up just yet, you can smell it already! It’s a great odor killer in the kitchen or even the bathroom.

I thought of “Mink” because first of all, it is close to my name (well sort of ! Haha ) aaaand, when I think of Mink- i think of soft Mink coats, a fireplace, warmth and luxury.. and that is exactly what I want you to feel when you light a MINK candle up.

It’s been a year and I literally have less than 20 pieces. So you can place your order now by emailing tomikaelamartinez@gmail.com or message me on Instagram @mikaelamartinez.
Each candle is P3,290 (Philippine Pesos) and coms with complete packaging- including a gift bag.

So shall I hear from you? Christmas is just around the corner! This’ll make a perfect gift.

Thanks for all the love and support!


*First photo grabbed by my first customer Ria Prieto.


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