Amidst the Holicraze

How I’m finding time to sit down and write this is beyond me (hahaha) This week, this month has been crazy for me at work! Christmas time is the busiest for me as you may or may not know- shopping is what makes my job exist!

So thank you to all my clients, friends and family who support my job! Hahaha.

Kidding aside, have you stopped to think about what Christmas really is about? Yes we’ve all heard this before… but what really makes it special? Is it the coming together of families? The gift giving? The delicious feasts? … While they are all so true- to me, it is a great reminder of all the BLESSINGS in my life.

 As the year comes to a close- I am reminded of what matters most… My family, the love we share, the opportunity to give back and most importantly, our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, in whom we completely put our trust in.

Yes we know the story of how He was born into this world… but what does it all mean? How is it relevant to me? I don’t want it to be just another Christmas story. There’s got to be something more.

I was thinking about this while sitting through traffic yesterday and what came to me was — amidst all the chaos, while trying to to finish off my Christmas shopping– more than anything, it brings me so much joy finding another reason to give. (After all, it is my language of love. Heehee) While others stress about it, honestly I find complete fulfilment during this season…shopping for each gift, wrapping each one… I feel privileged to be able to give and share what I can may it be little or grand.

And so it hit me- Christmas, to me is a reminder about God’s utmost joy and delight toward US, his children. 

Just as I find my own piece of happiness especially during this season, what more our Heavenly Father? He must have been grinning from ear to ear- knowing that he gave only the BEST to us…and still continues to do so.

My heart is full of gratitude!

Thank you all for such a wonderful 2016!

From my family to yours…Have a merry and blessed Christmas!!!


Photography: Newborn Stories by The Picture Company @TSCNewbornStories 


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