3 Gadgets: All You Need for A Clean Home

Who does not love a clean home? If we all had it our way, we’d prefer coming home to a picture perfect and “instagramable” one.

But, do we actually know if our home is as clean as it looks? With all the pollution and nasty viruses going around, it’s important for our homes to be a safe haven- a place where we can actually feel and breathe fresh air!

Now the thought of it being “too clean” may cross your mind- I mean we do need a little exposure to germs once in a while (haha!) but i’m telling you- we live in Manila… we get a LOT of that! Once you step out of your house, that’s it, probably a gazillion germs instantly- something we can’t control. BUT if we could at least have one place that is germ- free then that would also lessen the probability for any bug or virus to spread.

So with that in mind, I discovered three gadgets for my home that I love and swear by! Tried and tested.

First off, the Dyson Pure Cool Link- it not only looks chic, it does your air only good!

I first got convinced when I saw the demo in a smoke filled room- and in 10 seconds, this machine cleaned it all out! It was pretty convincing. Although I do have to admit, price wise this was definitely an investment… but a good one!

Did I mention that you can also control this machine from your phone via an app? So even if you aren’t home you may turn it off, turn it on as you please for continuous clean air!

Aside from the high tech features, it is also very SAFE for your little ones! No need to stress about getting their fingers caught! That alone is major.

The next must have gadget would be the UV CARE GERM ZAPPER. Now this was life changing!

We first got hold of this gadget when our niece shared it with the family. Her kids were getting strange bites upon waking up..and strangely, Maxen would also wake up with bites that would last for days despite the room being vacuumed weekly!

Now you may be wondering what this little thing does? Well, it is what it is- a Germ Zapper!!! So basically anything this UV light touches, it zaps -and all you need is 30 minutes! Simply turn it on and leave the room- that simple. You will feel and smell the difference after. It’s crazy. It kills any odor as well, so you can expose all your shoes as well.

We were lucky to have met Jun & Carol, the couple who brought the product in to Manila, many thanks to Maricel and Beng of the Parenting Emporium who arranged the demo for us.

We did a quick germ test in our bathroom….and before the procedure, a measure 7,646 germs!

And after only 30 minutes… Need I say more?

Since then, we have been “sterilizing” weekly.. no more nasty bites! And that’s not it! Even despite one of us at home catching a cold and cough, because we now use UV Care at home- no one else caught the bug!

UV Care has gained tons of amazing stories- like cases of Hand-Foot-Mouth disease and even sore eyes! It also Pedia recommended.

So if you’re interested you may contact @theparentingemporium for details and follow @uv_care on Instagram as well! They’ve got all sorts of “sterilizers” in different sizes, even one for the pocket!

And lastly, my third gadget- an oldie but goody! My trusty Rainbow vacuum that we’ve had for 10 years! It was the first vacuum I ever bought… and I have not had problems with it ever!

The only vacuum we’ve had even growing up was a Rainbow – from my grandma’s house and even at my parents! They only distribute this via direct selling but it really is the best one around.

What I like about it is that it’s sturdy, the dust doesn’t fly around the room- it’s absorbed by the water. You can also use it as a room and air deoderizer …. even as an air pump! (We use for the kids inflatable toys!!!) Bet you didn’t know that! Haha!

Also, if there is any area of the house that maybe gets flooded with water, or say a whole pitcher of water spills on your carpet- it can suck it all out instantly! And can you believe, ten years with us and no damage whatsoever!

So yes, that’s about it!!! It’s pretty awesome to have all these gadgets available now. Everything is just so high tech! So there’s absolutely no excuse to have a filthy home!

Now time to get your own gadgets and enjoy!



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