Dressing Up When You Can’t Think

Aaah I feel it’s been ages since I sat down to write! It’s been a really busy month- work wise, but most especially at home!

Between Maxen’s major teething fit… Breastfeeding, and the kids fighting a nasty cold and cough on and off- and oh the sleepless nights (still at it unfortunately- it comes and goes) … but we go through it one day at a time.

No matter how hectic life is especially for us moms and whether we like to admit it or not, we always want to look our best. But sometimes, it just seems so complicated (especially when you are breastfeeding (blaming it on THAT again! Haha)- and most of the time, even time consuming!

And I’m not saying I get it right all the time ‘coz sometimes all I feel like wearing is a t-shirt! (Quite frankly there’s nothing wrong with that… !)

BUT sometimes we need that extra push for our own good and self esteem! So here are just a few ideas that might just help.

First would be to stick to basics and then find ways to mix and match. 

Like here, I’m actually wearing the white dress I’ve used a million times even when I was pregnant (see previous post).. and to change it up a bit I layered a knit top and a scarf to balance out the dainty look. (Of course it was all crumpled ‘coz I carried Maxen in between, but such is a life of a mother.)

I’ve also been liking scarves a lot lately because it’s been a hassle-free accessory especially for a breastfeeding mommy! I mean sometimes there’s just no waiting-you gotta do what you gotta do. Plus it can also cover up wrinkles on your shirt!

The overall effect of a scarf is also quite amazing. Instantly a touch of glam to a simple and casual outfit. Easy peasy!


Before I forget, concealer, mascara and a touch of lipstick goes a loonnng way!!!! Don’t leave home without it!

The secret to hiding all the sleepless nights: CONCEALER!!! Currently my best friend. Haha!

If this helped, tag me when you post your OOTD’s on Instagram. I’d love to check them out! @mikaelamartinez

‘Till next time!


Photography: Louie Arcilla


2 thoughts on “Dressing Up When You Can’t Think

  1. Hi mika. I read you don’t wear foundation? So skin care + sunblock + concealer? That’s it? Sorry, not outfit related

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