Balancing Work & Motherhood

If there’s one thing I get asked quite often.. It’s this- “How do you find time to balance work and being a mom?”

First things first, you must know and accept that we CANNOT do everything all the time. It’s just stressful and actually quite impossible.

No matter how hard we try be SUPERMAMA, it sometimes just ends up to be a frustration. We try so hard to be “perfect” but you know what, it’s OKAY NOT TO BE. The sooner you realize this, the world will seem like a better place! Haha!

There are things, however you can do to actually get the best of both worlds. (well at least I think so..)

I’ve been working as an employee for 6 years now… and that means going to work 5 times a week and for at least 9 hours a day- just as any other working mama does.

I have 3 children.. Two of them who spend their days in school, and another one who solely relies on me for his breast milk. Luckily, the first two are old enough to help us out and do things on their own! I really don’t know you supermoms out there handle 3 toddlers all at the same time. (Do share!😂)

In my current situation though, here are some of the practical things that work:

Know your Priorities.

 I literally have a checklist on my phone calendar for every single To-Do item per day! (From events- to buying toothpaste, taking the kids to their doctors appointment or even paying for bills! Literally everything.)

There are days when there are absolutely “no negotation days” for work- and other days for important family affairs. But I’ve come to learn that there really is no escape. These are the responsibilities that come with being a working mom.

And I’m not saying it’s easy- because sometimes you end up just being so torn having to miss one family event! It’s just the worst when you have to choose one or the other! Say, an important meeting with a boss, or client that you can’t reschedule and your childs school play coincides– aaargh! I hate it.

Thank God for video cameras, husbands and other family members you can rely on. When things like these happen you have to sit down with your child and explain why you have to miss it and make it up to them. I think after all these years, I’ve missed one performance…(like i’m trying to redeem myself! :-/)

Even if family is my number one priority, as a working mom, there are other responsibilities I need to fulfill… and i’m sure I’m not the only mama dealing with this issue and the guilt that comes with it.

And you know what, It doesn’t make you a bad mom. Being responsible with your work obligations and actually maintaining an attitude to keep your job is a favor you are also doing for your family. So be the best you can be!

And lastly, find a little time for yourself– you need it. If your husband, or mom and your nanny can take over for even just a few hours. Do it! Go get a massage, get your nails done or your hair fixed. Do it for your own sanity and so that you feel good about yourself!

Remember, when you’re happy, the energy trickles down to your family as well.

Lots of love!✖️


Makeup: Fatima Rabago

Suit: Agua Brazilian Swimwear

Photography: Hideo Muraoka


2 thoughts on “Balancing Work & Motherhood

    1. Oh wow! I appreciate your kind words! 🙂 Thank you so much! I’m glad this article was helpful.

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