Summer, Sunscreen & Skin That’s In

Now that summer’s here, one of the more frequent questions that get asked of me is this.. “What Sunscreen do you use?”

Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely LOVE the sun. And if I could, I would rather maintain a golden tan all year long… and because I enjoy the sun too much- I have to make sure I take the necessary precautions to keep my skin protected.

Now I’m sure most of us, infact even all of us walk into a drugstore and stare at the overwhelming varieties of sunscreen available. How do you even choose?! Do we go for a 50, 75 or 100 SPF? Do we go for lotion or spray? Or do we just grab the brightest and most appealing bottle?

I’ve definitely been guilty of that! But really, there are just too many to choose from.

 I’ve actually tried so many brands over the years, and here are my leftovers. (whoops!)

I’m just always on the look out for the best one. I secretly have a habit of buying sunscreen whenever i see them actually! Hahaha

Well anyway, I found this one recently at Watson’s and I’m really liking it. It’s this one called Bioderma!

It’s got two versions- one for the body called  Photoderm Max Spray, and another one for the face called Photoderm Aquafluide. I noticed before, if you actually use the same one for the body on the face, you get blotchy and itchy afterwards. It’s advisable to use one that’s specifically made for the face and another one for the body .

Another thing I like about Bioderma sunscreen is that it doesn’t leave you with that icky, and greasy feeling! Plus there are no white traces after you’ve applied it… and the best part is that they are Paraben free and Non Comedogenic (meaning it does not block your pores)!!

I think that’s one feature we fail to miss out on. So remember to look out for products that are non comedogenic especially when searching for facial/skin products.

I highly recommend Bioderma not just for a trip to the beach, but all year round! I actually apply SPF on my skin every morning on top of my moisturizer. I really think it has made a difference- because ever since I started doing this, my skin has been in such good condition. It isn’t dull or dry. It really has a natural glow to it. (I have stopped using foundation entirely)

So along with an anti-aging regimen- SPF is really something we shouldn’t take forgranted. Nowadays, studies show that the suns UV rays have changed drastically!

And that is exactly why we need the RIGHT sunscreen!

Bioderma Photoderm is the first of its kind. The first patent which actually preserves and protects the skin from inside out through cellular bioprotection- in other words, it activates the skins natural defense and preserves the glutathione reserves.

It’s ultra- light, colorless and completeley mattifying with a powdery finish! Try it out, you won’t regret it.

Do send me feedback once you do! I absolutely love it.


Here are the prices for your reference (in PHP)

P1,158 for the Aquafluide and P1,678 for the spray.


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