3 Easy Style Tips 

Fashion doesn’t have to be so complicated! In fact, it can really be simple if you have these three basic pieces.

 If you’ve been following me on social media, you might’ve noticed that I wear the same thing the entire day, regardless of how many events I go to.

I just don’t want to be hassled. Day to night is really my style!

Just by changing your shoes, or adding a few accessories- that makes all the difference!
All of the outfits I featured here, I grabbed from my closet. I use them all the time! Haha!img_3611-3

All this and more-  as featured on the May issue of Celebrity Mom Magazine. Grab yourselves a copy with gorgeous moms Andi Manzano Reyes & Marian Rivera Dantes on 2 separate covers.

Read inspiring stories from some of my amazing mamas- Patty Ang, Chesca Kramer, and Cat Antonio!

This really has been one of the most informative issues ever. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Celebrity Mom’s special issue, now on FLIP100 mobile app (available for download via APP Store and Google Play), and on newsstands soon!



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