A Mom’s Guide: Back-to-School Shopping

While many have already transitioned to the new school calendar in the Philippines.. For some, back to school season is already fast approaching!


It may sound crazy, but it may just be the second biggest shopping season of the year next to Christmas season. Between clothing, electronics, along with ever-expanding supply lists, it can drive parents a little crazy!

But don’t worry, here are a few personal tips to make back to school shopping hassle-free.


First, avoid the crowd and long lines! Don’t wait ’till last minute. It really helps to be prepared and start shopping ahead of everybody else.

Next, Have a shopping list ready. Tick off each item as you go along. You will be more efficient that way.

And lastly, buy quality items so that they will last, if not a semester, the entire year. It saves you time and money.


I did a little pre-shopping last week and actually bumped into some mommy friends at National Book Store, Glorietta.

There were so much more stuff this year compared to last school year! I had to hold myself from shopping “all out” because my kids love to shop for their supplies with me.

In fact, I caught myself sending photos to them via whatsapp! Haha!


Some notable finds like the brand Meri Meri, is where I found cool supplies for DIY parties and decors for my kids rooms! They had a pretty cool corner here. 

(Okay not really for school— but when your kids celebrate their birthdays in school.. Aha! You know where to find ’em!)

Another one was International Arrivals- they had really awesome art supplies and unique ones like Puff pens, fancy erasers, metallic and neon chalk markers.. Stuff that even I could use!


Here are just some of the stuff I took home for Noelle and Tyler to try.

I also got a bunch of colored pencils and pastels from Carand’ache- because I happened to pass by and try a bunch of their testers… the colors and pigment came out so well! You won’t get annoyed by having to double shade! Haha! The kids will thank you for it!

 I had so much fun shopping here, surprisingly so many unique finds! Seemed a little more like a department store to me! Haha!


I also posted a quick video about this day on Instagram @mikaelamartinez #MikaelaInOneMinute =)

‘Till next time!



And to make things even more convenient, they deliver! Just call 8888-627. 

You may also shop online at http://www.nationalbookstore.com


For more information, follow National Book Store on social media – @nbsalert on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.




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