When Your Husband Turns 40, You Throw A Surprise Party

They say life begins at 40.. and even if my husband didn’t really plan on celebrating his birthday- I thought it would make it really special to plan a surprise for him! After all, he really deserves it.

How did I even begin planning? First I had to think of the theme or vibe I wanted for the occassion. 


I definitely wanted some music, OPM to be exact (because he loveeeees OPM music), wine, good company and delicious food!

I handpicked all the cutlery, the plates, napkins, linen and etc… I have to admit, I really enjoyed finalizing all these little details.

Everything just had to be as good looking as it tasted!

Now the other challenge was… the guest list! We both have big families… so just to squeeze in family and our closest friends took forever for me to finalize!

I really tried to limit it to 50 people ! .. and luckily, i did! Some of his best friends from childhood flew in, some even cancelled their trips. That really meant a lot to us.

When he walked into the venue – a few family and friends were already there, just as planned.

That alone was a surprise in itself- he knew there was a “family dinner” but I didn’t tell him where and when.. of course the family were all in cahoots with me!

(That’s his mom!)

Even after we shouted “surprise!”,  I didn’t tell him who else was gonna show up. The surprise continued on.

And you would never guess what happened next… Yup.



Part of the surprise was that my dad and I prepared a tagalog song for him – one of our favorites, “Umagang kay Ganda”. I absolutely have no guts to sing in front of a crowd and all the more hold a mic- so that’s why I needed my dad. He sings well and loves it! Haha.

My kids made sure to put on a show as well! They were super!

So yes, this was definitely a surprise!

The party continued on with wine, even more singing and some dancing- the night turned out to be even more perfect than I imagined! (as you can see… hahaha!)

That face. Priceless.

He couldn’t stop telling me how happy and how “perfect” it all was- That’s the best compliment one could get after pulling off something like this! Hehe.

I would do it over and over for you! I love you!

Oh. And this was the cake.. which I almost forgot to bring out that night! Woops.

And by the way, here’s an article that came out on my friend Ria Prieto’s column on the Inquirer! May 7, 2017. Click HERE to read her post.

This was a surprise as well! Thanks Ri!

So if you need ideas for your husband or wife’s 40th- feel free to grab some ideas from here!

Keep in touch!


Food & Venue: Margarita Fores • The Commissary, Whitespace

Photography: Magic Liwanag


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