It’s Official: I Have A Teenager!

Yessss.. pinch me now. It really happened. Our daughter, Noelle is now THIRTEEN.

I still remember May 11, 2004 when I first held her on my chest and I heard her cry. She was a tiny little baby weighing only 6.1 pounds.

But look at her now.

As a parent, cliche as it may sound- you really stop to think: WHERE DID TIME GO??

Our little baby is now an amazing big sister to these two!

And because she is Awesome.. we celebrated her day, her way!

Think: A sleepover…



And some dancing!

… but let’s go back to all the little details!

Like cake!

This was beautifully made by Makati Shangri-La.

Since we booked a function room for the party, they handled all the delicious pastries too.

No party is complete without photos and a vlog!

You can watch her birthday vlog here

And because these girls wanted to learn a few makeup tips and tricks that are age appropriate. We called Beauty Bar to help us out.

Chinky Tanjangco, one of Beauty Bar’s makeup associates did a good job of handling all the girls queries. They also got the chance to actually apply all the techniques they learned using products from Cargo, The Balm, and Yadah.

Beauty Bar actually accepts bookings for private makeup classes, whether it be for a party or just a gathering of friends! (More info on

What’s a party without balloons?

Wrap It Up (wrapitup_ph on Instagram) was able to do all these arrangements for a very affordable price! (Okay it was less than 10k! Not bad at all right?!) I was really happy with their service and outcome.

See that look on their faces?

And of course, the giveaways!!!

It was Noelle’s idea to come up with something personalized for her friends. So we had these beautiful canvas totes made by Insta_mug.

Every bag had each of her friends names written on it, with some makeup from Beauty Bar and other goodies I bought- like a notebook and a makeup brush set!

We also included some Unicorn candy! (In reality, it was Cotton Candy in Jars. Haha!)

Superrr cute!!!

It was so special to her that she wanted to make one for her subscribers to win on You Tube!

Now you may be wondering, what about thentertainment?

None! Who needs entertainment when I got these silly people entertaining themselves! Haha!

They literally came up with their own games…mostly involving dance …and balloons.

Kids will definitely get creative if you just let them!

Of course we didn’t forget the birthday song..

Now that’s a classic that you should never leave out!

And of course, a family photo- because that remains special no matter how old you get.

As I write this, it’s really only beginning to sink in. To me she is still my little girl.


But I know I gotta let her grow and become the woman she was meant to be.

I have no worries because daddy’s got her back.

So boys, you better watch out!

She’s got a squad here that’s right behind her.


Happy birthday Noelle! Thirteen will be awesome. We love you!!!


Photography: Zeus @lifebyohana

Location: Makati Shangri-La Hotel


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