Get Your Body Back

If you’ve been following my journey as a mother, then you probably know that Marie France has always been a part of my life! True story. I’m hitting a year post partum where I can no longer use the phrase, “I JUST GAVE BIRTH!” Noooo! I’ve also constantly shared my personal tips and experiences, whether […]

Summer, Sunscreen & Skin That’s In

Now that summer’s here, one of the more frequent questions that get asked of me is this.. “What Sunscreen do you use?” Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely LOVE the sun. And if I could, I would rather maintain a golden tan all year long… and because I enjoy the sun too much- I have […]

Balancing Work & Motherhood

If there’s one thing I get asked quite often.. It’s this- “How do you find time to balance work and being a mom?” First things first, you must know and accept that we CANNOT do everything all the time. It’s just stressful and actually quite impossible. No matter how hard we try be SUPERMAMA, it […]

Dressing Up When You Can’t Think

Aaah I feel it’s been ages since I sat down to write! It’s been a really busy month- work wise, but most especially at home! Between Maxen’s major teething fit… Breastfeeding, and the kids fighting a nasty cold and cough on and off- and oh the sleepless nights (still at it unfortunately- it comes and […]


When you’ve got a tween, she’s definitely a little more interested in her moms makeup stash now! (I know, time please slow down!) So when I did a little cosmetic shopping on… my little lady just HAD to suggest the Too Faced Chocolate Bar ..”THIS IS THE BEST PALETTE EVER! IT EVEN SMELLS LIKE […]

Anti-Aging: Say Hello to Your Best Skin Yet!

  I’m always on the lookout for effective beauty & skin care products. I personally do not go just for what’s popular because we all have various skin types and we react differently to each. Sadly, the process in which we find the winning product is only by trial and error. One thing I want […]

Ready, Get Set, Shop: is here!

You read it right… Yes, Sephora is now available online in the Philippines! I know your heart just skipped a beat! I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of some of the awesome products in store for all you makeup junkies! Are you ready? Okay let’s begin! Nudestix Eye Color Pencils – a […]