Partying With Dr. Seuss: Maxen Turns ONE

Has it really been a year already? *cries* I distinctly remember sitting on this exact same chair feeling all the jiggles and wiggles of Maxen inside my tummy. Time really goes by so fast. I mean, LOOK AT HIM NOW! Let me start by sharing some of my favorite photos from his birthday celebration. First […]

It’s Official: I Have A Teenager!

Yessss.. pinch me now. It really happened. Our daughter, Noelle is now THIRTEEN. I still remember May 11, 2004 when I first held her on my chest and I heard her cry. She was a tiny little baby weighing only 6.1 pounds. But look at her now. As a parent, cliche as it may sound- […]

When Your Husband Turns 40, You Throw A Surprise Party

They say life begins at 40.. and even if my husband didn’t really plan on celebrating his birthday- I thought it would make it really special to plan a surprise for him! After all, he really deserves it. How did I even begin planning? First I had to think of the theme or vibe I […]

Get Your Body Back

If you’ve been following my journey as a mother, then you probably know that Marie France has always been a part of my life! True story. I’m hitting a year post partum where I can no longer use the phrase, “I JUST GAVE BIRTH!” Noooo! I’ve also constantly shared my personal tips and experiences, whether […]

3 Easy Style TipsΒ 

Fashion doesn’t have to be so complicated! In fact, it can really be simple if you have these three basic pieces.  If you’ve been following me on social media, you might’ve noticed that I wear the same thing the entire day, regardless of how many events I go to. I just don’t want to be […]

Agua: Bikini’s I’m Loving Now

Meet the Girl Boss behind Agua Brazilian Swimwear, the hot brazilian mama herself- Fatima Rabago. I met Fatima years ago, I can’t even remember exactly when it was – backstage at a fashion show or at a shoot- but all I know is, she has always been one of the nicest people ever! …And so […]

Summer, Sunscreen & Skin That’s In

Now that summer’s here, one of the more frequent questions that get asked of me is this.. “What Sunscreen do you use?” Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely LOVE the sun. And if I could, I would rather maintain a golden tan all year long… and because I enjoy the sun too much- I have […]