Sweaty Baby, No More

Is it just Maxen or do your babies sweat a lot as well? I find it so funny, especially when he feeds directly from me- he ends up looking like he just finished a bath. Now that he’s turning one, I discovered that using a little powder on him really helps! But please don’t just […]

Get Your Body Back

If you’ve been following my journey as a mother, then you probably know that Marie France has always been a part of my life! True story. I’m hitting a year post partum where I can no longer use the phrase, “I JUST GAVE BIRTH!” Noooo! I’ve also constantly shared my personal tips and experiences, whether […]

Dressing Up When You Can’t Think

Aaah I feel it’s been ages since I sat down to write! It’s been a really busy month- work wise, but most especially at home! Between Maxen’s major teething fit… Breastfeeding, and the kids fighting a nasty cold and cough on and off- and oh the sleepless nights (still at it unfortunately- it comes and […]

The Diaper That Made It

Nowadays, there are just so many brands to choose from. . And it can get overwhelming especially if you are new to all of this. So, instead of buying every diaper brand in the market and testing them one by one, I’ve taken the liberty to do that all for you! So let’s think.. What […]

How To Lose The Pregnancy Weight: What Worked For Me

If you are reading this, and you just gave birth.. you must be looking down at your belly and  … thinking “UGH! This will never go away! Why do I still look pregnant?!” I totally feel you! DO NOT WORRY- THIS IS NORMAL. Obviously, you had a little baby growing in there for 9 months- […]

Balancing Act: Raising Children, Finding Yourself

Life. Marriage. Kids… To a first time parent, this pretty much sounds like game over. But let me tell you- THIS IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE BEST THINGS THAT’LL EVER HAPPEN TO YOU.     I was 19 when we had Noelle. I was a student, on my last semester and about to graduate from […]

Maxen’s Day 

September is just about to end…. I can’t believe it myself, and little Maxen is almost 4 months!!! Whaaaat?! Tell me, where did time go?! I distinctly remember only planning Maxen’s dedication.. And now, here I am reminiscing. As a Christian family, we believe that while he is too young to understand & accept Jesus […]