It’s Official: I Have A Teenager!

Yessss.. pinch me now. It really happened. Our daughter, Noelle is now THIRTEEN. I still remember May 11, 2004 when I first held her on my chest and I heard her cry. She was a tiny little baby weighing only 6.1 pounds. But look at her now. As a parent, cliche as it may sound- […]

When My Daughter Turned 12

I have a 12 year old! I can’t believe it myself. Time does fly. A few weeks before Noelle’s birthday, this little lady e-mailed (Yes, E-mailed!!!) a “Birthday Party Proposal” which included a theme, design pegs from decorations, to the cake, games, prizes, and down to the guest list. I was amazed. I mean she […]

On Turning Thirty

The Big 3-0 to some, and to others, practically just a number. For me though, it definitely was something i just had to celebrate, and by celebrate I meant going on a road trip and snapping away! I had this brilliant concept ofย “flying”.. This was the shot i was going for… But to get here….. […]