It’s Official: I Have A Teenager!

Yessss.. pinch me now. It really happened. Our daughter, Noelle is now THIRTEEN. I still remember May 11, 2004 when I first held her on my chest and I heard her cry. She was a tiny little baby weighing only 6.1 pounds. But look at her now. As a parent, cliche as it may sound- […]

Dashing Diva: Time to Indulge

So this is it.. My last hurrah before Maxen’s arrival! Wax. Check. Blowdry. Check. Nails.. Double check!   Every woman wants to look and feel their best especially at the largest time of their lives.. What better way to do it than with girlfriends? So today, I had a pampering session at my favorite nail […]

A Baby Shower for IsabelΒ 

The countdown begins. #BabyTrebolisComing 😜 I’ve known Isabel for many years now, we both can’t even recall exactly when or how we met but it must’ve been at a shoot or at a show, and it was most likely over a decade ago. Isn’t she gorgeous? Isabel and I used to travel together every year […]