A Mom’s Guide: Back-to-School Shopping

While many have already transitioned to the new school calendar in the Philippines.. For some, back to school season is already fast approaching! It may sound crazy, but it may just be the second biggest shopping season of the year next to Christmas season. Between clothing, electronics, along with ever-expanding supply lists, it can drive […]

How To Lose The Pregnancy Weight: What Worked For Me

If you are reading this, and you just gave birth.. you must be looking down at your belly and  … thinking “UGH! This will never go away! Why do I still look pregnant?!” I totally feel you! DO NOT WORRY- THIS IS NORMAL. Obviously, you had a little baby growing in there for 9 months- […]

Maxen’s Day 

September is just about to end…. I can’t believe it myself, and little Maxen is almost 4 months!!! Whaaaat?! Tell me, where did time go?! I distinctly remember only planning Maxen’s dedication.. And now, here I am reminiscing. As a Christian family, we believe that while he is too young to understand & accept Jesus […]

When My Son Turned 8

We usually go on trips to celebrate my kids birthdays, after all, they’re only a month apart. But since we have a new baby in the family, this year, they both decided to celebrate with their closest friends at home. My son, Tyler absolutely loves this game called Growtopia and without hesitation, this was the […]

When My Daughter Turned 12

I have a 12 year old! I can’t believe it myself. Time does fly. A few weeks before Noelle’s birthday, this little lady e-mailed (Yes, E-mailed!!!) a “Birthday Party Proposal” which included a theme, design pegs from decorations, to the cake, games, prizes, and down to the guest list. I was amazed. I mean she […]

What Matters Most

More than fashion, family is my everything. And so here, I wanted to share a few intimate moments with the three that mean the world to me. My husband, Chucho and I have been married for 9 1/2 years! I can’t believe how time passed by so quickly. We now have the most amazing kids, […]