3 Easy Style Tips 

Fashion doesn’t have to be so complicated! In fact, it can really be simple if you have these three basic pieces.  If you’ve been following me on social media, you might’ve noticed that I wear the same thing the entire day, regardless of how many events I go to. I just don’t want to be […]

Pregnancy Diaries:  No Frump for this Bump

 Gone are the days of bows, rompers and shapeless ensembles. Times have changed, and thank God for that! Like I mentioned before, I was never a fan of maternity wear… It was always a challenge looking for something that I felt good in.. Besides, spending for wardrobe you’d only wear for barely even 9 months […]

Pregnancy Diaries: 6 Months & Flaunting It

Aaaaaah! I can’t believe how quickly time went by.. 24 weeks to be exact! This is when dressing up can get challenging, but more than that it gets quite exciting! Momma, it’s time to flaunt that growing belly! To be honest, i’ve never purchased maternity clothes.. To me they all seemed to be so frumpy and […]

Love Marie x Rocio

It was October 8 when my friends, Rocio & Heart launched their first project together,  “The Daughter of The Sun & The Moon”, a children’s book for the benefit of the Ople Center. A brilliant collaboration in my opinion. Rocio, having a soft spot for children and the less fortunate- and Heart, with no hesitation […]

Blog To Watch: Stephaniezubiri.com

If there’s one thing that makes me happy, it’s seeing my friends succeed.  So today, I want to brag about this gorgeous friend of mine.., Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi. Now I could tell you more about her…but I’d like for you to click on her blog http://www.stephaniezubiri.com and see for yourself! She is definitely an inspiration- as […]

Just A Shade Of Grey

I’m back on the blog after a busy week! Honestly, it isn’t easy coming up with all this content..So considering how empty my page is, thank YOU for taking the time to visit my site…Your support means so much! So, let’s go back to 2 weeks ago in NYC… This was taken a few hours […]

Back to Black 

If there’s any color that fills my closet…Hmmm, definitely a close fight between black and white. Makes it so easy to mix and match! But in this case, black wins! Both the shoes & dress I’m wearing are from the Givenchy boutique in Shangri-La, Manila.. Bet you didn’t know that we actually carry Ready-To-Wear! Yes, including […]