Partying With Dr. Seuss: Maxen Turns ONE

Has it really been a year already? *cries* I distinctly remember sitting on this exact same chair feeling all the jiggles and wiggles of Maxen inside my tummy. Time really goes by so fast. I mean, LOOK AT HIM NOW! Let me start by sharing some of my favorite photos from his birthday celebration. First […]

Amidst the Holicraze

How I’m finding time to sit down and write this is beyond me (hahaha) This week, this month has been crazy for me at work! Christmas time is the busiest for me as you may or may not know- shopping is what makes my job exist! So thank you to all my clients, friends and […]

Reality Bites. Maternity Leaves Do Come To An EndΒ 

I’ve only been in the corporate world for six years, so when I gave birth to my first two children, I never experienced having to file for Maternity Leave. This year was a first.   I was all excited to be able to take a break and spend 2 entire months at home with my […]